Monday, February 10, 2014

7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Wooden Comb or Brush

By Kyla Rose Maher
In the Kundalini Yoga world, chances are, you will come across quite a few people with their uncut hair wrapped in a turban and lots of men rockin’ really long beards.  The hair is a very sacred thing in the Kundalini Yoga tradition, and there are some really interesting teachings on the subject, from many different spiritual traditions. Here is a great article from 3HO all about it:
One specific teaching is to use a wooden comb or brush for combing your hair.  I’m going to go ahead and make a bold statement based on my experience.  Once you switch to wood - you will never go back.  For me, a wooden brush just FEELS better on my scalp, and my hair seems really happy.  Here are some other reasons you might want to consider using a wooden brush or comb:
From the yogic perspective:
1. Wood does not create static electricity, which causes a loss of the hair’s energy to the brain. 
2. If you comb your hair and scalp front to back, back to front, and then to the right and left several times, it will refresh you, no matter how long your hair is. All the tiredness of your day will be gone.
3. For women, it is said that using this technique to comb your hair twice a day can help maintain youth, a healthy menstrual cycle, and good eyesight.
And some other reasons:
4. Wooden bristles gently massage the scalp and move natural oils through the hair. This aids in blood circulation, excess sebum absorption and the removal hair impurities.
5.  Massaging the scalp helps promote hair growth and stimulate acupressure points.
6. When exposed to a blow dryer, the brush stays cool because wood does not conduct heat. When hair is wet the wooden bristles glide easily through the tangles.
7. Some wooden brushes and combs are naturally hypoallergenic.  (The brushes and combs from Long Time Sun Apparel are only finished with a protective coating of beeswax or purified linseed oil.)
[Another cool things about the brushes from Long Time Sun Apparel are only wood suppliers who agree to a policy of Forest Stewardship Council sustainable forestation are utilized. This also applies to the African wood suppliers. Waheguru!]
I hope this has been helpfull! Happy hair brushing! :)

About the author: Kyla Rose Maher, creator & owner of Long Time Sun Apparel  is a KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® and is certified in SuperHealth, a yogic therapeutic technology for addictive behavior.  She has had the privilege of studying under many master teachers including Hari Kaur KhalsaMukta Kaur Khalsa, and Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa.  Aside from running Long Time Sun Apparel, Kyla has been a contributing writer for the Spirit Voyage Blog and the Kundalini Yoga Boston Blog. She spent the summers of 2012-2013 teaching at the Ponderosa Tazland Festival in Germany and is currently enjoying spreading the teachings of Yogi Bhajan throughout New England along with having a blast growing with Long Time Sun Apparel.

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